Youth Access Programme

The Youth Access programme supports young people in the evenings and at weekends, to;

  • gain access to the John Wheatley Learning Network; and
  • develop skills with creative technologies based on arts and cultural activities.  

To these ends Youth Access Workers lead IT-based activities, working with College tutors to engage young people in activities such as:

  • music creation;
  • video editing;
  • website creation;
  • recreational use of the internet; and
  • networked games. 

These activities are designed to support the development of transferable IT skills but also to support the development of social skills and the ability of young people to interact positively with their peers and with adults in authority.

     Glasgow Kelvin College Glasgow Housing Association      

Sessions are based in learning centres equipped with PCs and fast connections to College servers and the Internet. The Youth Access programme is supported by Glasgow Kelvin College, Glasgow City Council Community Planning and Glasgow Housing Association.


Operation and partnerships

The Youth Access programme is based on youth work principles and the sessions are led by youth workers. The programme supports learning, based on the development of trusted relationships built by youth work staff and young people. The young people are able to commission tutor support, as and when they have developed the confidence and interest in skills development, as appropriate.

While in the learning centres, the Glasgow Kelvin College youth workers lead activities. The programme is often also delivered in the context of other facilities and youth work activities, in which other youth work agencies generally take the lead role. The programme currently delivers over 25 sessions each week across 15 venues.

Youth Access workers are involved in the Glasgow North East Strategic Youth Alliance and are represented at all 6 planning Hubs.


Recognition of Achievement

The Youth Access programme has, since its beginning, supported young people to develop skills and competencies in an informal manner and provides opportunities to gain recognised and accredited awards.
The extension of the College’s online Individual Learning Plan system to its learners, encouraging young people to identify learning targets and to recognise when these have been achieved.
Developing the use of Dynamic Youth Awards and Youth Achievement Awards, in partnership with Young Movers, 'Yomo' Glasgow.

See more about awards and certificates here



The Youth Access programme is a key part of Glasgow Kelvin College’s response to young people in need of more choices and more chances. It has already demonstrated considerable success in engaging young people in lifelong learning opportunities within their community. It is also successful in encouraging young people who are at significant risk of excluding themselves from employment, education or training, to sustain engagement with formal learning opportunities.

To find out more, contact Stuart Lowe  (Senior Youth Worker)