People are the most important asset in Easterhouse. The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 was passed to help communities have more say in decisions that affect them and to be empowered to do more for themselves, where appropriate. For example, the Act enables community groups to take ownership of or run a local community centre or take part in the design or delivery of services.
The Act also requires Community Planning Partnerships (CPPs) to produce Locality Plans with local people for areas that are disadvantaged in some way, including health and wellbeing, access to services, housing, community safety, employment, income or education. Locality Plans have to set out local priorities (based on consultation with people who live in Easterhouse), what improvements are planned and when these improvements will be made. If you live or work in the local area you have the right to be involved in the work associated with the Locality Plan. CPPs are required to publish progress reports on Locality Plans every year. This is the Locality Plan for your area. It tells how we will improve the quality of life here over the next 10 years, working in partnership with local communities. 
All Community Planning partners are required by the Act to work with communities to achieve the goals identified in this plan. This includes Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Glasgow Kelvin College, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Glasgow Life, Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership, Historic Environment Scotland, Scottish Enterprise, the Scottish Sports Council, Skills Development Scotland and Strathclyde Partnership for Transport. 

There are many other local organisations which are part of Easterhouse Thriving Place, including Easterhouse Housing and Regeneration Alliance (EHRA), Glasgow Housing Association, Jobs and Business Glasgow, Family Action in Rogerfield and Easterhouse (FARE), the Pavilion and Platform. EHRA is made up the eight community housing associations and co-operatives that operate in Greater Easterhouse: Easthall Park Housing Co-operative, Blairtummock Housing Association, Calvay Housing Association, Gardeen Housing Association, Lochfield Park Housing Association, Provanhall Housing Association, Ruchazie Housing Association and Wellhouse Housing Association.

Modified 10/28/2017 by Craig