The Adult learning Club visited Scotland Street School and Museum.  Learners felt nostalgic going round the building remembering their school education and had fun playing childhood games and teaching each other the rules.  2 of our learners have provided testimonies of their experiences.

This school was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and it tells the story of 100 years of education in Glasgow.

The building is now a museum with restored period classrooms and it is visited by lots of the local primary schools. The layout of some of the building brought back memories of my own primary school. The cloakrooms were the same and in one of the classrooms the double desks were the same as we had in our school in the nineteen fifties.

lt was great to read about the work that the pupils and statt trom Hollyrood Secondary School did to help build a school in Malawi and I wasn't aware that this is where the Mary's Meals charity was formed.

Although I've visited the school on many occasions I find that I learn something different every time I visit as the staff keep updating all the information.

I often ask myself after a visit if today's primaryl Teaching methods are better than what we had and to be honest I would say that in my opinion the discipline in our day sometimes was harsh but we had respect for the teacher and I think that today that is sometimes lacking.
































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