What is the Adult Learning Club

North East Glasgow Adult Learning Club

What is it?

It’s a drop in service for adults in north east Glasgow looking to engage in learning, have fun and create opportunities. It’s up to you what exactly it will do

When and where is it?

Wednesday mornings 9:30am – 12:30pm, Glasgow Kelvin College’s East End campus

Who can join?

It’s open to all adults living or learning in North East Glasgow

How much does it cost?

It’s free to attend

We have funding provided by Glasgow Life to support educational and cultural trips and visit.

Learners can be supported to apply for additional funding

It could be visits to museums, festivals, organisations, parks, events, learning events and workshops… where would you like to go to learn?

If it’s a learning club, can we gain qualifications?

It’s possible that certification such as the Community Achievement Awards can be achieved as a result of taking part in the club, but it’s not necessary



Sam Williams,

CLD Worker,

Glasgow Kelvin College 







Modified 8/10/2017 by Samantha Williams