Learning Opportunities in north east Glasgow

There are a wide range of learning opportunities for people in north east Glasgow, and these pages and those linked to on the left will be developed to point in in their direction.

The Community Planning Partnership draws together service providers to plan and deliver learning through its Youth Employability and Lifelong Learning  group, chaired by a vice principal from Glasgow Kelvin College, and in turn, it manages the planning of services through:

  • the Glasgow North East Strategic Youth Alliance, chaired by a senior manager from Glasgow Life;
  • the North East Glasgow Adult Learning Forum, chaired by a faculty head from Glasgow Kelvin College; and
  • the Youth Employability Group, chaired by Jobs and Business Glasgow

The biggest single community learning programme is the North East Learning Programme which is delivered by Glasgow Kelvin College, which includes:

  • the John Wheatley Learning Network's north east learning centres in which people can get free access to the Internet, online learning opportunities, office and creative software, ;
  • the Youth Access programme which delivers learning-focussed youth work services in a range of partnerships involving the College and voluntary sector youth work agencies;
  • the Wider Access adult learning programme which provides tutor support in response to requests from community groups and services; and
  • the Community Achievement Awards programme which was designed in response to the City's Thriving Places priority to support involvement in, delivery and development of community activities.

In addition, there are adult literacy and numeracy services provided in College campuses and community venues.

Glasgow City Council, unlike, many others, has worked to preserve the vital informal learning opportunities which arise from its public libraries, and some of the best are in north east Glasgow, including the fantastic Bridge, but also including the BFI Mediatheque at Bridgeton Library.  A complete list of Glasgow's public libraries is available at http://www.glasgowlife.org.uk/libraries/your-local-library/









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