Bru, by James Donnelly

The BruBru
Go to open
Smacks the curb
Doesn’t burst

Rolls and rolls
Doon the hill

Past the 999
Almostsquashed byX19

Past the Uni’s
Giving them some cure

Over potholes
Takes a right
Another drop

Doon and doon
Lands at a polis
In George Square
Nae vodka about

Opened by polis


Castles, by James Donnelly



Centuries of blood
Drowned in history

Places of souls
Forgotten in time

Stories to tell
Futures to pass


Dragons, by James Donnelly

Mythological creatures
Fairy tales

Adored by children
Slain by warriors

Fire dwellers of time
Majestic colours
Fierce roars

Conquerors of flight

Do we believe?


The Plates, by James Donnelly

Centuries old
Ever changing

Miles below us

Clash together
Nature’s quakes
Core’s power

Our survival
Or destruction?


Edinburgh Road,
by James Donnelly

The bus shuddered along the Edinburgh Road as if it was gasping for its last breath. It wasn’t that full as well, only about six people including the driver. Three wore work clothes. You could tell by the logos on their uniform. One girl looked about twenty-one and she sat listening to her i-pod.  The others casually stared into space while the driver drove along. The road wasn't that busy either, only a couple of cars going past now and again.

It was the middle of the day when it happened suddenly, the passengers started to notice something wrong- the buildings were starting to evaporate then vanish completely. Even people disappeared. The driver watched a car a couple of hundred yards in front of him just vanish. He was startled and shocked as it happened. The passengers were starting to panic yet at the same time were trying not to show any fear.

Then a passenger let out a small scream that heightened everybody’s senses as a couple in an old fashioned car drove by in the opposite direction. They talked amongst themselves trying to figure out what was going on.

They came up with stuff like they were dead, had died in an accident and didn't realise it; or was this one big bad trip? Some even thought about stopping the bus and getting off but did not in case they too disappeared. Then the road began to tear apart and was replaced by what looked like rough ground. The driver fought to keep control as the bus engine was pushed to the limit. Then out of nowhere people where standing there in front of them wearing clothes and helmets as if they had been working down the mines. The bus ploughed right through them and the driver threw his hands up in the air as if to shield himself from the glass. But nothing happened. The bus drove right through them as if they were nothing. The passengers screamed in terror, shocked at what happened as the driver grabbed the steering wheel before the bus crashed.
Shocking as that was, the next moment a huge herd of horses came stampeding their way, followed by what looked like blurred human beings. Fear and panic set in and the passengers began arguing amongst themselves. One tried to force the driver to stop but was yanked back by the others.

A thunderstorm began and they noticed all the cars, houses and people starting to re-appear and they realised they were back at where it had all began. After a few minutes the driver pulled over and everybody decided to get out but as the girl was getting off of the bus nobody noticed that she had been watching the history of Edinburgh Road on her i-pod. And as she had watched a connection was formed between her i-pod and the bus. And this is how this story came to be.

Would you believe her story if she told you?