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Culture and sports, Glasgow.Glasgow Life

Glasgow Life delivers world-class museums, major events and sports facilities, and community based services, including libraries and community facilities.

Venues and catering available for all occasions: community, public and family events.

They also provide community letting of Glasgow schools and the Mitchell Theatre.

More information

Contact Glasgow Life direct, and see their webpage.

phone number 0141 287 2805

 Glasgow Life Community Facilities

North East Glasgow Local Area Office

 ​Shettleston Library
154 Wellshot Road
G32 7AX

phone number  0141 276 1643

Community Planning Partnerships - Area Partnerships

To assist the Glasgow Community Planning Partnership's Area Partnerships in their role they are each allocated an area budget. 

These budgets are mainly used to provide grants to local community and voluntary organisations, to provide services that will help to achieve the Area Partnerships' local priorities and Glasgow City Council’s objectives.

For further information and advice on Area Partnership funding in the North East you can contact the North East Team on 0141 276 9880.

For further information on Area Partnerships, see the website






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Organisations in North Glasgow & Your

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