Glasgow Kelvin College Flexible Learning Centres

The College's three flexible learning centres are based in its main campus buildings in:

  • Easterhouse (at the Bridge);
  • the East End (at the junction of Haghill Road and Duke Street); and
  • Springburn (in Flemington Street)


What is Flexible Learning?

Flexible Learning means:

  • come in when suits you as often as suits you - we're open during term times five days, with tutor support available:
    • Monday afternoons;
    • Tuesday mornings and afternoons;
    • Wednesday mornings and afternoons;
    • Thursday mornings and afternoons; and
    • Friday afternoons
  • work your way through learning exercises as quickly or slowly as suits you;
  • do the work for certificates when you're ready; and
  • study what suits you...


What can I study?

The Flexible Learning Centres all offer a range of digital skills programmes in which you can learn:

  • office software skills
    • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access
  • safe use of the Internet and Social Media
  • how to use mobile devices
  • how to edit images and video; and
  • tell us what you're interested and we'll try to support it


What certification is available?

Certificates options include:

  • College certificates confirming practical software skills;l
  • SQA qualifications including the National Progression Awards:
    • Using A keyboard;
    • Digital Literacy;
    • Digital Passport; and
    • PC Passport
  • British Computer Society certificates:
    • Digital Skills; and
    • ECDL (the European Computer Driving Licence)

How do I start?

Come in when it suits you and arrange to see a flexible learning tutor who'll agree with you your individual learning plan






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