The Easterhouse Community Plan is the first step in new efforts to support Easterhouse to be a Thriving Place and it was first published in October 2017 as part of the requirements of the Community Empowerment Act.  It's also called a Locality Plan.

The Community Plan builds on previous work as part of the Thriving Places priority.

A copy of the plan published October 2017 can be obtained here and the sections are also produced on these pages so that you can quickly look through what interests you without having to download or print the whole thing.

About Thriving Places:

Thriving Places was introduced in Easterhouse to help improve the quality of life of people who live and work here. This can mean trying to improve health and wellbeing, community safety, education, employment, income, housing, the local environment or access to services. It can also mean encouraging local involvement in decision making. 

A key part of Thriving Places is providing services with people, not to people. This means engaging with communities using a grass roots approach to deliver the right services in the right places to meet local needs.

A Community Organiser was recruited in August 2016, based at Platform, to help local communities get involved in Thriving Places. As such, the work is just ending its first year. 

This 10-year plan will tell you more about what Thriving Places is doing in Easterhouse. It is based on consultation with local people over the last year. This is a living plan, which means that it will change as more local people get involved and the work progresses.  Local communities have to be meaningfully involved for the plan to work. Without local communities and our partners working together we cannot achieve what the plan sets out. Local organisations are already involved in the Easterhouse Steering Group and we are keen for local people to join too. 

This plan is for people who live and work in the local area and there are plenty of opportunities to be involved in different ways. This could mean setting up or joining a community group, joining a club, attending meetings, volunteering or just telling us what you like or what you would like to change about the local area.  We recognise that your community is made up of a mix of people: for example, children and young people to the elderly, people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and religions, disabled people and those with mental health issues.

Sometimes people from these groups are less involved in community activities and often less likely to be consulted in planning processes.  It is important that the views of these diverse groups are included in the plan too, so we will make extra effort to involve them. This means that the plan will represent the views and needs of the widest range of people in the community.

If you'd like to be involved in planning for Easterhouse please contact Kirsteen McKenzie, Partnership and Development Officer, 0141 276 9888,  





Modified 11/7/2017