If you have a disability or care for someone with a disability there are a number of organisations that can support you and assist in different matters. Some can help in a social context, others with other practical matters.

Please find below links to some organisations in the area.

Disabled People

Disabled People is a community group run for disabled people by disabled people. We have been going since 2009 and have helped many people over the years. We have connected with race2recovery, row2recovery and kartforce.

websiteDisabled People Community Forum

Disabled People on Facebook

Disabled People on Twitter


Your Choice Rehabilitation and Enablement

Your Choice Rehabilitation and Enablement is a confidential, impartial information, signposting and support service regarding all aspects of living with a physical disability. They deal with enquiries from the public, voluntary and statutory services.

address/Unit 18 Chapel Street Industrial Estate, Maryhill, Glasgow G20 9BQ

phone numberTel: 0141 945 5036


ENABLE Scotland

Information for young people with a disability on studying, training and getting a job.

websiteEnable Works website: https://www.enable.org.uk/works/


Hospital visiting help

Free hospital evening visitor transport service available to older people (over 60), individuals registered disabled or those on a low income. Call 0300 123 1236 to be assessed and book transport.

websiteHospital visiting transport help


Glasgow City Council Sensory Services

Glasgow City Council provides a range of support for sensory impaired people living in Glasgow.

websiteSensory Services website

address/17 Gullane Street, Partick, Glasgow G11 6AH

The office is open:

Monday to Thursday 8.45am to 4.45pm

Friday 8.45am to 3.55pm


phone numberTel: 0141 276 5252

phone numberText: 0141 341 0825

phone numberMob: 07824 300 025

Fax: 0141 276 5296

Email: slis@sw.glasgow.gov.uk


Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living

We assist disabled people in Glasgow who want to take more control over the support they need.

Whatever your situation, chances are we can help you. Our organisation is run by and for disabled people, so we appreciate the difficulties you may be facing.

Our website provides information on common areas and you can contact us via the details below to find out other ways we can help you.

websiteGlasgow Centre for Inclusive Living website

address/117-127 Brook Street, Glasgow G40 3AP

phone numberTel: 0141 550 4455

phone numberTextphone: 0141 554 6482

Fax: 0141 550 4858

Email: gcil@gcil.org.uk


Greater Easterhouse Supporting Hands (GESH)

Provides a training, social, and recreational service to young people and adults with physical disabilities and learning difficulties.



East Adult Learning Disability Teams

Provides health care to support people aged 16 years or older who have learning disabilities.


Riddrie Resource Centre

address/Riddrievale Court, Riddrie, Glasgow G33 2RN

phone numberTel: 0141 276 2100


Accord Centre

address/35 Springfield Road, Dalmarnock, Glasgow G40 3EL

phone numberTel: 0141 276 6900


Community Rehabilitation Service

Supports people with physical disabilities and their carers living in the community.

phone numberTel: 0141 201 3210


Other links


Inclusion Scotland



Disabled Living Foundation


phone numberTel: 0300 999 0004











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