Cranhill Development Trust offers a wide range of services that have been designed to promote and develop the wellbeing of local residents by addressing health related issues, the effects of poverty, deprivation, and issues of social exclusion. The services we deliver include employability, learning, social & integration activities, health improvement, information, and advice services.



Advice and Work Club drop-in sessions in Cranhill for people looking for work and developing job-related skills.

Work Club is a relaxed drop-in with a professional attitude for job finders. We can help you with things that make a real difference: writing CVs, application forms, interview skills, training, learning and more.

We have a strong partnership with other agencies in the city and are always looking for ways to improve your chances of finding work. This includes regular training sessions in courses like food hygiene and health and safety. If we do not do it, then we can help you find someone who does.

Once you are registered with us, Work Club is free and open for you to come and go as you please. Our Learning Centre has computers for you to work at. There are people around you who can support you in this and with skills like putting together the right words for applications or just finding your way around the job market. We also offer one-to-one support to help you plan the best way forward. Come in and find out more!


Live Well

Healthy eating, living and growing at Cranhill Development Trust

Cranhill Development Trust’s Good Food Programme has great chances to grow, cook and eat delicious, nutritious food. It is also a place to meet new people and learn new skills. Our activities are free and open to people with no previous experience of growing or cooking, but knowing how to eat is a must.

Cooking: Learn how to cook healthy meals from scratch and on a budget. People who have taken our classes tell us they have become confident cooks and are no longer reliant on ready meals.

Green Fingers Gardening: We have something for everyone, from solid graft to pottering around tending plants. If that appeals, then Green Fingers is for you. You can volunteer to take part in community growing sessions, or apply for your own mini-allotment to grow your own food. Growers are given guidance and have access to tools and seeds to get going.

Community Meals: Our brilliant volunteer chefs cook regular feasts for community members. You can get involved in the cooking and serving and we would love to see you there to eat and chat with us all.



Making a difference with Cranhill Development Trust

Improve your skills. Meet new people. Share what you know. Get back to a routine. Get the buzz from just lending a hand...

People volunteer for all kinds of reasons and it is a great way to get out and about and get involved.

Cranhill Development Trust relies on its volunteers to deliver activities and services across the community. You can play a part too in changing things for the better.

Volunteering opportunities include:

  • Reception
  • Green Fingers gardening group
  • Work Club
  • Over 50s Lunch Club
  • Cranhill Wild Walkers walking group
  • Cranhill Good Yarns charity knitting
  • Bike trips, repairs and hires
  • Teaching English
  • Community Meals
  • Holiday Playschemes

We are always on the lookout for new ideas to get things going. We support our volunteers with training and can help you plan for greater things. We can even hook you up with volunteering in other areas across Glasgow and beyond.


Our programme is updated regularly – please see our website:

For information about the Cranhill Development Trust contact Angela Naismith.











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