Fairy Cakes

100gms/4oz margarine
100gms/4oz castor sugar
100gms/4oz S.R. Flour
2 large eggs.

Cream margarine & sugar until creamy, add in flour & eggs gradually and when all creamed devide into paper cases. Makes 12 cakes
Bake at gas 4 or 180 for 20-25 mins. Cover with icing. To make butterfly cakes cut tops off cakes then cut the tops in 2 put some buttercream on top of cake and replace tops

You can also decide the mixture between two 7inch cake tins to make Victoria sponge. When cool sandwich together with jam &a cream

Malteser tray bake

100gms/4oz butter or margarine.
14  blocks of cooking chocolate
1 Tbls. Syrup
12 digestive biscuits crushed
1 box maltesers

Melt butter, chocolate &I syrup then add the crushed biscuits &a whole maltesers
Put the mixture into a baking tray and leave to set.
Melt mor chocolate and cover top. Cut into squares.


Recipes provided by Margaret Graham