There are a number of arts projects in Glasgow East. The area has also a great cultural history with remains from the stone and bronze age, up to recent times, including important industrial, mercantile and historic places.

There is a vibrant scene for contemporary culture focused around the Bridge in Easterhouse, where local and national organisations have performances at Platform, the performance venue at the Bridge.

The Bridge

The Bridge

The Bridge is the first facility of its kind in Scotland with an integrated approach to culture, leisure and learning. There are lots of opportunities to enjoy art, music and drama as well as participating in workshops and classes. The Bridge is home to a variety of different arts organisations, to Glasgow Kelvin College, Library at the Bridge and Glasgow Club Easterhouse Pool, and Platform; the performance venue. 

Cranhill Arts Project and Visual Statement amongst other are based at the Bridge.

Glasgow Stories, told in images and words.

The Glasgow Story

The Glasgow Story As told by some of Scotland's best writers, and illustrated with thousands of images from the collections of the city's world-famous libraries, museums and universities. From football to fashions, Auchenshuggle to Yoker, you'll find it all here. You can also write your own stories.

Read people's stories about Glasgow and write your own!


Read people's stories about Glasgow and write your own!

With OurGlasgowStory you can write your own story about Glasgow and you can illustrate it from TheGlasgowStory's collection of over 12,000 images.













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