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All Write is a creative writers group meeting once a week to explore the means of writing to create. And benefit from the discussions and friendly banter.

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All Write are looking for new members and they’ve this to tell you:

We formed way back in the last century. A bunch of would be authors, poets and folk enjoying the company of other like-minded people. Developing our writing skills and giving a safe, respectful, platform to air our work. From a one-liner to an epic, we’ve all got a book in us... ...sometimes we just need to take a chance.
Having had guidance from authors the likes of Julia Donaldson, Elizabeth Reader and now Jim Ferguson, we’re truly a lucky group indeed, and continue to flourish, not a bad phrase from our dear city.

Time and venue

So if you’d like to join us come along on a Monday evening, 6.30-8.30 at Glasgow Kelvin College, Easterhouse Campus.Or contact annmarieo@blueyonder.co.uk.

Latest work

Published 06/04/16

Mining Voices: Three Monologues from a Mining Community by Joe McNulty


A Baillieston man, Joe McNulty has insight into a world and a community which no longer really exists here in Scotland: the world of the mining village and its deep pit. It is not the loss of such hard and dangerous toil that is to be lamented but the loss of communities, cultures and individuals who were callously cast aside by political forces that were ultimately beyond the control of the communities upon which those forces acted. And in the following stories we get a sense of the individuals who may have been part of such communities.


As a member of ‘All-Write’ Easterhouse Writers Group Joe has contributed much over the past few years: these monologues are testament to Joe's development as a writer who, when he first came to the group, ‘just wanted to write a few poems’.

Part of our work this year has been looking at monologues and how they reveal character, sense of place and setting, and what they can tell us about history. Joe’s three monologues published here achieve these goals with ease. I hope you find them as entertaining and enjoyable to read as I have.

Dr Jim Ferguson, Tutor, April 2016.



   Mining Voices: Three Monologues from a Mining Community by Joe McNulty


Published 18/03/16

Against the Clock Poems and Stories by James Donnelly


James is a long-standing member of ‘All Write- Easterhouse Writers Group’. He has been involved with the group over a number of years and his contributions are much appreciated by all who attend. James writes non-rhyming poetry which is both wry and philosophical. He also writes short stories and occasionally has a penchant for the ‘horror’ genre as is illustrated here in the final story ‘Syringe’.


Dr Jim Ferguson, Tutor, March 2016.


   Against the Clock - Poems and Stories by James Donnelly


Published 14/03/16

Summer Love – 3 stories and a poem by Linda. M. Grant


Linda Grant Joined ‘All-Write, Easterthouse Writers Group’ in the autumn of 2015. She is a dedicated and determined writer who works hard at her craft. So far Linda has been working on short stories and poetry. Her poems, generally speaking, are short succinct lyrics and one example ‘Church Bells’ is given here.


In her short fiction Linda writes for both children and adults. She is currently working on an ambitious project (The a. b. c. of Animals) which works through the letters of the alphabet to entertain children with delightful yarns. Here we publish her story for the letter ‘H’ where we meet ‘Harry the Hedgehog’.

Dr Jim Ferguson, Creative Writing Tutor, March 2016.

""   Summer Love – 3 stories and a poem by Linda. M. Grant


Published 21/02/16

Two Stories, Two Poems Robina H McCandlish


Ruby McCandlish joined 'All Write – Easterhouse Writers Group' in early 2015. She has been writing for many years and joined the group to share her work with like-minded people.


The short story is her favourite form and many of her stories explore life in Glasgow post World War 2. She also writes occasional poems and like many writers 'has a novel on the go'.

Ruby is an accomplished short story writer with an excellent understanding of the techniques involved in the art and craft of short story production.

The two stories and the verses included here are accurate reflections of the kind of work Ruby does.

The terms I'd use to describe Ruby's work are 'thoughtful', 'cheerful', 'stoic' and 'intelligent'. And these terms also reflect her warm personality and character.

Her work might be seen as exploring some of the areas explored by Scottish writers such as Agnes Owens, though Ruby has her own distinctive voice and style. Read and enjoy.
Dr Jim Ferguson – Tutor, February 2016.

   Two Stories, Two Poems Robina H McCandlish


Published 14/7/15

by Ann Marie O’Hare

Ann Marie O'HareAnn Marie O’Hare has been a long-standing member of ‘All Write - Easterhouse Writers Group’. Her effort, determination, humour and contributions to group have been remarkable and given with great generosity.

About the poems and stories presented in 56 she said, “I started on my 56th birthday and wrote 56 pieces with 56 words in 56 days.” They are a fine achievement. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have.

 56, by Ann Marie O'Hare, pdf 587kb

Penny Whistles and Lugging Hammers,
by Joe McNaulty

Joe McNaulty, author of Penny Whistles and lugging hammers.The poems and stories published here represent less than one quarter of the work Joe McNulty has written since joining All-Write Easterhouse Writers’ Group in 2008.

 Penny Whistles and Lugging Hammers, pdf 410kb













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