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North East Glasgow Adult Learning Party – Friday 24th March

Report to North East Glasgow Adult Learning Forum
28 April 2017


On Friday 24th March the North East Glasgow Adult Learners’ Forum hosted an Adult Learning Party within Platform @ The Bridge.

The event showcased the vast and varied learning opportunities for adults across the north east of Glasgow.  A range of information stalls offered advice and support as well as taster sessions and workshop-based activities.

The event was arranged in partnership between Glasgow Kelvin College, Thriving Places, Glasgow Life and Platform with members of the North East Glasgow Adult Learners’ Forum having key roles on the day such as supporting stall holders, hosting information tables, managing the ‘Photo booth’ and Consultation table, supporting workshops and sharing their personal experiences with learner testimonies.

The theme of the day was integration.  Stallholders were asked to ‘buddy up’ to support networking opportunities whilst the workshop spaces were themed to again encourage sharing of information and collaboration opportunities.

Workshops were provided in arts, crafting, music and cooking.  Learners were also encouraged to participate in a Tea Dance and Yoga taster activities, make use of pampering sessions with an onsite massage therapist, and have nails filed and polished by beauty students from the College.  The day ended with a performance from the Young At Heart Singing Group.

More than 150 people attended, with around 100 people registering in the first hour.  On the day over 60 people took part in the consultation exercise and have joined the mailing list for the North East Glasgow Adult Learners’ Forum.  20 of those 60 have shown interested in joining the Adult Learning Club at Glasgow Kelvin College. The consultation questionnaire was the distributed around partner organisations from the Adult Learning Network to include those learners who could not attend on the day however, there was no response.  The final report is due to be available to learners at the next meeting for the next Adult Learning Forum on Friday 28th April.

We would thank everyone who attended the event and appreciate all comments and feedback given so far.  Below are some comments made on the day and since the event;


Learner comments;


  • “I think it was a good turnout – a lot going on”.

  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the day, was a very good day with lots to learn and was very inspiring – it’s amazing what people can do”.

  • “Thought it was brill – thanks a lot”.

  • “Thanks for the opportunity to be part of this.I found out a lot of positive stuff & new places to explore”.

  • “I enjoyed today”.

  • “Everyone I’ve spoken to have went away with a lot of information and a new outlook on life to do more and join more stuff, it’s been very rewarding”.

  • “It was great to have so many people to say Hello to and great to chat to people”.

  • “Great”.

  • “Good – exhausted now J”.

  • “Very informative”.

  • < >

    “Great event showing what’s available for everyone”.

  • “Fantastic! Lovely to meet so many new people and old friends”.

  • < >< >

    “Thanks for the invite. Enjoyed the day and of course the buffet!”


  • “Thanks for inviting us. We enjoyed the day…. yes, a bit more space and a bit more air conditioning would be great in the future. The atmosphere was friendly, welcoming and lively which was super – you have nailed the formula and vibe, just need a bit more space”.


  • “Just wanted to drop you a note to say well done to you and your teams for a fantastic event last Friday it was brilliant so well attended by so many different groups. We have already starting to get some return on being there”.


  • “Once again well done and thank you for inviting us to attend”.


  • “Just wanted to drop you a note to say well done to you and your teams for a fantastic event last Friday it was brilliant so well attended by so many different groups. We have already starting to get some return on being there”.

  • “Once again well done and thank you for inviting us to attend”.


There were some less positive comments, primarily about lack of space and difficulty moving around the venue, but if lack of space was the only negative comments then the Adult Learners’ Forum are happy to take that comment on board for future planning.  Next time maybe we will plan for having an attendance which exceeds expectation even more.  J

Consultation outcomes so far

The outcome of the consultation shows that when asked what learning opportunities are available in their local area – folk primarily identified service such as College, Community Centres, Learning Centres and libraries.  In addition, there was mention of local specific support groups and classes such as GAMH, Gym & Fitness opportunities, Church groups, Women’s groups, ESOL, Beauty classes and Employability courses.  These depended on from which area the participants were.

More than half of those who took part in consultation were currently attending groups in their local community. Those who were not already engaged commented on learning on the day what opportunities were available to them.

Learners expressed opinions about current learning provision and gaps.

Learners would like to see more activities such as;

First Aid                                              Photography classes

Arts/Craft/Design                               Literacy classes

Language Classes                               More hobby type classes

Exercise groups                                  More part time courses

Parenting Classes                               Cooking classes

Woodcraft                                          Self defence

Animation                                          Community Gardens

DIY classes                                          More for men

BSL courses                                        Free evening classes

Anything                                             Everything


Some people felt support with childcare and support for people with Dyslexia was missing from existing groups and that there was not much opportunity for advancement in most learning opportunities.

Most people acknowledged travel and transport links, expense and cost, poor health and mental ill health as the main barriers to adult learning opportunities.  Many also recognise childcare as being an issue and have suggested providing youth groups and childcare while groups are on.  Others commented that work restrictions and times of groups were issues. 



Sam Williams, CLD Worker, Glasgow Kelvin College

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